Monday, January 12, 2009

Group Updating!

Happy Monday everyone! i just wanted to remind you all of a couple of things. in the site help and business topics there are alot of threads helping you to sort out google analytics....and some of them are even started by me! so, if you need help, go to the forums, and in the search field type either 'google analytics' or 'ga' to search for forum thread titles with those values. you can find alot of helpful information there!

secondly, i will be submitting another email to admin today regarding new members! so be on the lookout for new stores being added within the next couple of weeks on the team home page. i will try to spend time adding those store links to the blog either today or tomorrow....

and, cindy from cindylouwho2 is going to really help with the administration side of things. if you haven't done so already, please convo either her or i with your email address as we are compiling that information!

thanks so much and have a fabulous monday everyone!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Google Analytics Tips for Success!

What do you do with Google Analytics?

by now, you probably know that Etsy has partnered with Google to give us stats that we have been long requesting from them for our business! If you haven't worked with getting this started in your shop, this blog post will help get you connected.

first of all. go to your etsy shop. once there, go to shop setup, and then click on 'web analytics' . this will launch you to their site. if you already have an account with google, great, if not, they will walk you through setting one up. if you have multiple shops, you will use the same google account, and it will give you a drop down menu to add new account {meaning website/blog/etc}. when that is all done, you will just enter the information in the appropriate fields....when done, you will have a dashboard all set up. here is a video tutorial link to timothy adams really is a helpful little video and doesn't take lone at all

but, once this is up....within twenty four hours, what you do with your info is the important thing! i was watching the numbers tonight...and made changes to react to the needs of the business.

~bounce a percentage pertaining to how quickly a visitor bounces off the site. so, higher the percentage the faster they are leaving your site. you want this percentage to go down. how could we turn this from a non-controllable to a controllable? better pictures, less of a shop announcement, so they see the product front and center....more engaging product descriptions, just for starters.
~time on site...the longer they stay on your site, the better chance of a sale!...another statistic you want to build.
~time on listings tells you what people are looking at!

i will be really focusing on this reporting so that i can learn and bring you all some tips over the course of the next few days!