Friday, October 31, 2008

We are Officially a Team!

hello everyone! i just wanted to take a moment to post some info for everyone! first of all...thankyou for all the great convo's around starting our new team! i continue to get emails almost daily of people who want to join.

We will be tagging our merchandise in our shops with "createability" to help guide people towards our team on etsy, when time permits, please go through and add that tag for your items. while you are at would be awesome if you wanted to mention the team in your shop announcement. i know i plan to just drop a word or two in...and i don't plan on really going into details about the team other than to "be sure to check out my friends in the new CreateAbility Team Esty by typing 'createability' into the search function"....that will also enable you to find everyone more easily should you want to create a treasury featuring your new team mates....

I am trying to come up with a schedule of events for our team. While i'm in the process of that, i would also like to get links to everyone's blogs if you have feel free to convo me that info as well.

Starting this Sunday...i will open our first official forum thread in the Teams and Events Section. Feel free to come check in, have a chat, and post links to your newest creations for everyone to see. This sort of weekly thing has been helpful in my other teams to really help encourage each other, and show off our new wares!

Mondays will be my official blogging, you will always know to check the blog then....and i believe going forward, that fridays will be "feature fridays"....if you would like to submit a feature article about a fellow teammate and interview them and such, please convo the info to me and i will post it on the blog each friday morning. I will start off this event with next friday! submissions should be turned in no later than wednesday evening!

coming soon, we will be talking about organizing a team store, where you can make a donation! i think it would be a fabulous idea to use the funds as startup money to help other people with disabilities get a craft or art going....and to help them build inventory on etsy. but, we can talk about that soon...just wanted to get your minds going!

okay...enough bloggy bloggy for me....can't wait to, talk to you all on Sunday with our weekly thread and looking forward to getting to know you all! many blessings, and have a beautiful day! deborah

Friday, October 24, 2008

Welcome To Our New Team!

This is the first post to kick off the new Etsy Street Team, Createability Team Etsy. This team was formed around October a handful of Etsy artists that saw a need and i, Deborah {aka the gaudy goddess} decided to kickoff. As our first post, i want to welcome everyone, and open a challenge to each of the members to brainstorm to figure out what we really want this team to accomplish going into the holiday season. I know we have had talks of opening an Etsy Team Store....i would like to see you all sharing tutorials that we can post here on our team blog....maybe we can also have themed challenges. The sky is the limit, and this group is for you! You all helped it come to be, and i welcome and encourage lots of input to make this one of the cooler Etsy groups!

some of the ideas off the top of my head:
~featured shops
~blogging carnivals
~business topics
~team store
~materials swapping

i am so excited for this team to take off! i feel we have many opportunities and resources to help each other really succeed....we are all in this together! feel free to contact me by posting comments here or by convo'ing my shop!