Monday, January 12, 2009

Group Updating!

Happy Monday everyone! i just wanted to remind you all of a couple of things. in the site help and business topics there are alot of threads helping you to sort out google analytics....and some of them are even started by me! so, if you need help, go to the forums, and in the search field type either 'google analytics' or 'ga' to search for forum thread titles with those values. you can find alot of helpful information there!

secondly, i will be submitting another email to admin today regarding new members! so be on the lookout for new stores being added within the next couple of weeks on the team home page. i will try to spend time adding those store links to the blog either today or tomorrow....

and, cindy from cindylouwho2 is going to really help with the administration side of things. if you haven't done so already, please convo either her or i with your email address as we are compiling that information!

thanks so much and have a fabulous monday everyone!

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