Monday, March 28, 2011

Disability Etiquette

Disability Etiquette

The rules of etiquette and good manners for dealing with people with disabilities are generally the same as the rules for good etiquette in society. These guidelines address specific issues which frequently arise for people with disabilities in terms of those issues related to disability and outline basic etiquette for working with people with different kinds of disabilities.
These should be regarded as general caveats of appropriate behavior. Since everyone is different, these guidelines only hold true for most individuals most of the time.  

Ten Commandments of Etiquette for Communicating with People with Disabilities

  1. When talking with a person with a disability, speak directly to that person rather than through a companion or sign language interpreter.
  2. When introduced to a person with a disability, it is appropriate to offer to shake hands. People with limited hand use or who wear an artificial limb can usually shake hands. (Shaking hands with the left hand is an acceptable greeting.)
  3. When meeting a person who is visually impaired, always identify yourself and others who may be with you. When conversing in a group, remember to identify the person to whom you are speaking.
  4. If you offer assistance, wait until the offer is accepted. Then listen to or ask for instructions.
  5. Treat adults as adults. Address people who have disabilities by their first names only when extending the same familiarity to all others. (Never patronize people who use wheelchairs by patting them on the head or shoulder.)
  6. Leaning on or hanging on to a person's wheelchair is similar to leaning on hanging on to a person and is generally considered annoying. The chair is part of the personal body space of the person who uses it.
  7. Listen attentively when you're talking with a person who has difficulty speaking. Be patient and wait for the person to finish, rather than correcting or speaking for the person. If necessary, ask short questions that require short answers, a nod or shake of the head. Never pretend to understand if you are having difficulty doing so. Instead, repeat what you have understood and allow the person to respond. The response will clue you in and guide your understanding.
  8. When speaking with a person who uses a wheelchair or a person who uses crutches, place yourself at eye level in front of the person to facilitate the conversation.
  9. To get the attention of a person who is deaf, tap the person on the shoulder or wave your hand. Look directly at the person and speak clearly, slowly, and expressively to determine if the person can read your lips. Not all people who are deaf can read lips. For those who do lip read, be sensitive to their needs by placing yourself so that you face the light source and keep hands, cigarettes and food away from your mouth when speaking.
  10. Relax. Don't be embarrassed if you happen to use accepted, common expressions such as "See you later," or "Did you hear about that?" that seems to relate to a person's disability. Don't be afraid to ask questions when you're unsure of what to do.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Createability Team - Etsy Teams

About this team

We are a group of artists and sellers either with disabilities ourselves, or caregivers of disabled people, who may use art and Etsy as "therapy" and our link to network with others. Create + Ability = Createability!

Our mission is to form partnerships for building our businesses, support each other, and encourage growth within the Etsy and artist community. We choose to take back control of the terms used around our various conditions, and hope to bring knowledge and awareness to those around us.

The team tag is "Createability Team"

Who can join?

Createability Team is a moderated team with the following requirements:

You must have some sort of disability or health problem that limits your daily activities in some way at least some of the time, or be a caregiver to such a person.

All team members must participate in at least one team activity at least every 3 months. Team activities currently include
a) the team chat thread
b) the team promotions thread
c) the team blog:
d) our team Flickr page
e) a treasury with at least a few teammates
f) blog about one or more teammates

If you are on vacation, medical leave, or have other reasons you cannot participate once in a 3-month span, please let the Captain, cindylouwho2, know.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

New Page Featuring Etsy Minis Now on the Blog!

With a team as large as Createability Team is getting (135 so far) the side bars cannot possibly show off all the Etsy Minis that have been graciously shared by our group to show off their shops without a tremendous amount of scrolling. So, they are getting their own PAGE.

What is an Etsy Mini? How do I make one?

Basics of Etsy Mini. 
Etsy Mini is a tool you can use to display items from your Etsy shop or Favorite items on your blog, social network profile or personal web site. To build your own Etsy Mini, go to Your Account > Etsy Mini (at the bottom of the left sidebar). Here you can select different settings for how your Etsy Mini will appear and preview it. The Etsy Mini will show the most recently listed items from your shop. If you chose to show your Favorite items, the Etsy Mini will display those items which were hearted most recently. You cannot pick the order of items when creating an Etsy Mini.
Once you like how it looks, just copy the code and paste it into the HTML for your blog or other web site. The code is offered in two formats: javascript and Flash. You may need to check the help section of your blogging service or consult your web designer if you're not familiar with how to alter the code of your web site.

This blog uses the javascript version. Click on this screenshot photo above to enlarge it for an example of what the Etsy Mini Builder screen looks like and which radio buttons to select 
Sellers may choose "Items From My shop" Buyers who do not have a shop may choose "Items From My Favorites".

If you are in Vacation Mode your Etsy Mini will show up blank. 

Friday, March 4, 2011

Members - Createability Team - Etsy Teams

Members - Createability Team - Etsy Teams

Congratulations to our team members that have had recent sales, have been featured in or have curated some awesome treasuries and blogs. Some of our team members have also been featured in magazines and have had great success with offline venues. Keep up the great work ladies and gentlemen.

Our team is unique from any other team on Etsy, with good reason. We the Createability Community.