Sunday, March 6, 2011

New Page Featuring Etsy Minis Now on the Blog!

With a team as large as Createability Team is getting (135 so far) the side bars cannot possibly show off all the Etsy Minis that have been graciously shared by our group to show off their shops without a tremendous amount of scrolling. So, they are getting their own PAGE.

What is an Etsy Mini? How do I make one?

Basics of Etsy Mini. 
Etsy Mini is a tool you can use to display items from your Etsy shop or Favorite items on your blog, social network profile or personal web site. To build your own Etsy Mini, go to Your Account > Etsy Mini (at the bottom of the left sidebar). Here you can select different settings for how your Etsy Mini will appear and preview it. The Etsy Mini will show the most recently listed items from your shop. If you chose to show your Favorite items, the Etsy Mini will display those items which were hearted most recently. You cannot pick the order of items when creating an Etsy Mini.
Once you like how it looks, just copy the code and paste it into the HTML for your blog or other web site. The code is offered in two formats: javascript and Flash. You may need to check the help section of your blogging service or consult your web designer if you're not familiar with how to alter the code of your web site.

This blog uses the javascript version. Click on this screenshot photo above to enlarge it for an example of what the Etsy Mini Builder screen looks like and which radio buttons to select 
Sellers may choose "Items From My shop" Buyers who do not have a shop may choose "Items From My Favorites".

If you are in Vacation Mode your Etsy Mini will show up blank. 

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