Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year From The Createability Team

Welcome to 2011! The good thing about celebrating a new year is the chance to make a fresh start and embrace all that the upcoming 364 days have to offer. Well technically 363, since today is actually January 2, 2011, but you know what I mean.

It's also a chance for our team members to welcome all the new members to the team and celebrate with them all the good things going on in their lives and businesses. Welcome back to all our returning  members who are still wandering in and accepting the invites our Team Captain (she hates that term, captain) sent out when Etsy changed the way that teams look and operate onsite.

The Createability Team is a group of Etsy sellers with disabilities or who are caregivers to disabled people. The team exists to provide support and advice to each other, as well as opportunities to chat and promote! If you would like to join the team click here to find out how.


Sheryl said...

This is such a wonderful, loving group of folks who encourage and support each other... I know if I'm having a bad hair day, someone will boost me up and if I'm having a good hair day, I know someone else needs a boost.

I love you guys!

Debsparkles said...

Here is hoping for many blessings for the New Year to a wonderful team.