Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New Group Feature Coming to Etsy and New Look Coming for the Team

The images are works  in progress of what some of our team members are working on for the new banner= logo for the team's group page that will be in effect in the hopefully near future.

To find out more on this new feature, please read this article found in Etsy's blog called The Storque

We really need input from the team about the new look of the banner and avatar. Feedback is greatly appreciated. You can leave comments here or in the team forum. Thank you, Createability Team Blog Committee


madebymari said...

Good idea to have an identity. I don't think it should be TOO busy or it will lose that identity. I think it should be indicative of perhaps disabilities symbols and crafters tools all generalized??

Unknown said...

Thanks for the feedback, Mari :) we appreciate it!

cindylouwho2 said...

You guys are doing a great job! I agree with Mari, but of course we also need different graphics for lots of different things, so everyone should keep the ideas coming!

Trista said...

I like the butterflies and the simple createability team etsy with no background. Those swirls make my eyeballs hurt. :O)


- obachansflowers