Monday, November 1, 2010

Letter to the Team From Our Team Leader

Hello Createability Team! It has been 2 years since our fabulous team began, so it seemed like a good time to update everyone on what has been going on.

1) GROUPS In the near future, Etsy will be moving the Team pages to the new Groups function - see this article:
It seems easy to use, & we can tag the team page so that people will be able to search through teams for ones that suit them. That will also be the eventual location of the team threads, which will make it easier for members to find us every month.

When our team is finally invited, you will receive an email from Etsy (although it will also have my name in it), asking you to join our group. If you do not join the group at that time, you are by default no longer part of the team.

While Etsy teams are in this transition phase, I am unable to add new member names to our old team page:
If you would like to see a full list of current teammates, please check out the right side of the Createability blog:

2) TEAM SALE The team will have another annual sale over the US Thanksgiving weekend, from Thursday to Monday, November 25 to 29th. Teammates are welcome to offer any sort of deal or sale they wish – a percentage off (some or all items), free shipping, BOGO, free gift, etc. You are also welcome to combine this sale with one from another team, or to offer it for a longer period of time. We will again ask members to promote the sale however they can – blogs, twitter, Facebook, etc. We will run a promo thread again, & if Etsy runs any promotions for that weekend, we will submit teammates to be considered. Last year we got two teammates into the Etsy Finds email one day & both had several sales!

IF YOU WISH TO PARTICIPATE IN THE SALE , please contact me by Monday November 22 with the type of sale you will offer. We will need a few days to get the blog post prepared

3) TEAM PARTICIPATION We have had a discussion in the team thread in the forum, and people have agreed that the team needs a participation rule. DON’T WORRY – it will not be as onerous as many teams are. After some discussion among active members, I have decided that every teammate needs to participate at least once every 3 months, unless you are on leave, on vacation time, or otherwise are unable to participate & have let me know that you still want to be on the team. We understand that not everyone can keep up with the team chat thread, or even check in once a week, so we are not asking for that. Although some people want a one-month rule, I know from my convos with you that that would be too difficult for some members

WAYS to PARTICIPATE – choose at least one every 3 months

a) post in the team chat thread
b) post in the team promotions thread
c) prepare a post for the team blog: please submit that to
d) post items to our team Flickr page
e) make a treasury with at least a few teammates (convo it to me so I know, or post in a thread)
f) blog about one or more teammates (convo it to me so I know, or post in a thread)
g) YOUR IDEA HERE – we would love to have more team activities.

IF YOU NO LONGER WISH TO BE ON THE CREATEABILITY TEAM, please contact me via email or convo at

IF YOU WISH TO STAY ON THE TEAM, please participate in the next 3 months. Or contact me & let me know that you cannot participate right now. If your shop is in vacation mode, I will not remove you from the team.

I think that is all for now – I will email out a final list for the team sale on the day it starts, & will include the promotions thread link.

Wishing everyone the best for the remainder of 2010


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