Thursday, March 7, 2013

Membership Guidelines

All team members MUST participate in at least one Team Activity no less than once every 3 months. Here is a list of ways to participate:
• Main Chat thread for Team members only (changes monthly)
• Main Promotions Thread that is viewable to the Etsy and web public
• Monthly Check-in Thread, not for chat, just post and run, to show your presence.
• The team blog: 
Leave a comment on the blog, so we can count that as participation.
• Our team Flickr page 
Viewing photos in our Flickr group is always fun. Posting photos and commenting on photos is even more fun and counts as participation.
• Create Treasuries with at least 4 Team members (4 takes up a row in the treasuries) Tag those treasuries with our official team tag ”Createability Team”
Post the link to those treasuries in the monthly chat thread or the monthly Promotions Thread or post them in both threads.
• Share in Social Networks about a teammate or the team. Please post the links to your social network(s) of choice in the chat and promotions threads.
o Blog
o Twitter
o Flickr
o Facebook
o Google+
o Pinterest

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• If you are on vacation, medical leave, or have other reasons, you cannot participate once in a 3-month span, notify the Captain, BethiefliesToo. Failure to notify the Captain or leader(s) may result in being removed from the team.